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Poshmark from Hell

Hi yous! Welcome to this blog! I have been away, for an EMBARASSING amount of time. Oh boy. But let me explain! During that time, I had found Poshmark. Which is a website that lets you browse, find good quality fun second hand stuff ranging from clothing to random electronics, and buy them because they are actually affordable to human beings, instead of those astronomical prices like they have at retail shops. And if you are a creative of any sort, you must stay away from it at all cost!

There's something really fun and exciting about seeing an extremely low price show up, like, a dress that was originally $250, be only listed at $50. And then what's even better, is that you could barter with the seller, and ask for an EVEN lower price, like $30, or even $20. And before you know it, the seller has accepted your offer! How cool of them. Or they were just annoyed they even had to do this in the first place and they'd rather get that polyester dress they can't wear anywhere out of their sight than argue with you. In the end you ended up having to pay the shipping, for a very out of season dress, and with taxes added you weren't really getting that good of a deal but Oh Come On! It was an accomplishment! You had tricked the world! You had gotten away with gold by giving them measly fish flakes! Or whatever people traded in the medieval times. And then, you look at your bank account to see that you have negative 30 dollars in chequing, and you have to transfer 30 dollars from your a savings account you'd set up called “for work”, just to avoid the fee they charge you daily for having a negative number. Chuh! Those banks. Who do they think they are, making those absurd rules anyway? As far as I'm concerned, negative numbers are just as good as any other number. I would love it if all the stuff on Poshmark costed negative numbers, they should be giving me money to sell me stuff. They don't need it anyway. I'm doing them a favour by taking it off their hands! It's really too bad that I didn't make the rules. But anyway, because I am “responsible”, I proceeded to just have 0 dollars instead of bigger and bigger negative amount of dollars, which in my mind sound way cooler. It's a miracle that I'm still alive.

If you are a writer, do not do this to yourself. Stay away from Poshmark at all cost. I was spending up every penny on mediocore shoes and clothes, but the real problem was I was no longer bored. And when I am not bored, it turns out I don't write very much. I've made the decision to stop using Poshmark. It is not an easy one because it is terribly fun and addictive. It makes me feel like a rebel, a criminal. I am sticking it to capitalism! Before I know it, I am spending all of my waking hours on Poshmark. I breathe Poshmark. I eat Poshmark. My dreams consist of $5 loafers I found on Poshmark. If Poshmark were a school I'd have my PHD by now. Two PHDs. So, for my actual career's sake, I have to put Poshmark in prison and throw away the key.


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