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Simple Passion (a movie with lots of nudity!)

Today I watched a movie called “Simple Passion” by French film director Danielle Arbid. I thought it was great! Well, the plot isn't really great. But I still appreciated this movie!

IMDB says it is about a torrid affair between a Russian diplomat and a French woman who has a son. Which isn't accurate in my opinion. Because one, she hardly has a son, he is almost completely ignored because his mom is obsessed with sleeping with the Russian guy (played by Sergei Polunin), and two, he isn't really a diplomat, I don't think. The movie doesn't give us a clue about what he does for a living, except that he could be reached by obsessively calling the Russian consulate. What is accurate is that there is definitely a torrid affair. The movie is about an hour and a half and there's at least four sex scenes. And you see him in full nudity! Something I appreciate. And I think everyone else should appreciate, too.

Hélène (played by Laetitia Dosch), in the end of the movie, says that she is thankful to have had this relationship because it connected her to other humans, it let her know that she was able to push the boundary with other people. What does this mean? I wish they'd explain! Her and Russian Man hardly speak to each-other. Is it because Hélène is able to drop everything to pick up a call from a guy? A guy who has no personality, btw. He is basically a torso and a bunch of tattoos. What does she see in him? Perhaps this mystery is the whole point of the movie. In one of the scenes, Hélène gets a call from Russian Man, and immediately tells her son to go to his friend's house, right in the middle of the day, with no explanation. In another scene, she flies a plane to go to Moscow, Russian Man's home town, just to stand around for a couple of hours. In short, the movie was so ridiculous I can't help but like it.


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