Purple Giraffe and Orange Skyscraper

Hi Internetters! Welcome back to my blog! It's been only a week since I last wrote to you, but it feels like two weeks! Well, to me, anyway. Today I want to talk to you about my journey with weight changes. The journey is too long and complicated to be summed up in one article, but I wanted to try to make you understand just a little bit. I've been told that it is offensive and triggering to state the exact number of pounds I weighed, and I get that. Sometimes, we like to compare ourselves with others when numbers are involved. So, I've decided to say that I was Purple Giraffe pounds and Orange Skyscraper kilos. I hope that you won't be offended by those words. If you are, I am sorry.


I was born Purple Giraffe pounds, I didn't know I could be Orange Skyscraper kilos. My family and friends said I was beautiful, and I was happy being Purple Giraffe pounds. But one day, someone told me, "If you want to make it in this world, you have to be Orange Skyscraper kilos." When I looked at all the Orange Skyscrapers on TV and around me, I got so envious. It must be true. They seemed to have no worries and everyone loved them. I did an experiment, and it worked! I too, became Orange Skyscraper kilos.

When I became Orange Skyscraper kilos, everyone looked up and said how impressive I was. Wow! I'd never gotten that many compliments being a Purple Giraffe before. I mean, I was okay, but strangers definitely didn't admire me like this. I began to think, maybe being a Purple Giraffe wasn't good enough. Maybe I was never good enough, people just didn't tell me because they were too nice.

Maybe I was never good enough, people just didn't tell me because they were too nice.

With that thought repeating in my head, I never wanted to be a Purple Giraffe again. I was going to be an Orange Skyscraper through and through. And I was going to be an Orange Skyscraper forever. I started telling everyone around me that I was an Orange Skyscraper.

But it wasn't easy being an Orange Skyscraper. Sometimes it was really hard, I had to constantly hire construction workers to paint me orange, and cover up the cracks on the walls. It was getting expensive. Sometimes, I just wanted to be a simple Purple Giraffe again. But, everyone thought of me as an Orange Skyscraper now. What would they think if I suddenly became a Purple Giraffe? Would they be shocked? Angry? Would they make fun of me? What if they left? These questions were too scary to think about. So I didn't tell anybody.

I forced myself to keep being an Orange Skyscraper, even when there was a fire, and all the people inside me were trapped because the firemen couldn't get to the top. I felt bad but it didn't matter, I had to be an Orange Skyscraper.

The more I tried to be an Orange Skyscraper, the worse I felt about being a Purple Giraffe. I always knew, it was a LIE. I am a Purple Giraffe! Not a real Orange Skyscraper!

One day, the wind came. It seemed to blow right at me. Huge chunks of orange bricks fell off at once.

I was terrified. That wasn't just any wind, it was a storm. It had the power to blow me away. I had to run. "But Skyscrapers can't run! I'm gonna have to be a Purple Giraffe again and I don't remember how to be one anymore!" I yelled. The storm didn't care. The storm didn't even notice me. It was going to swallow up the trees, the houses, the people, and everything else in its' path. I didn't want to die. That moment, I realized, I wanted to live more than I wanted to die as an Orange Skyscraper. So I tore off the last remaining bits of the bricks and I ran and ran and ran until I was far away from the storm.

It's been some time since that particular day had gone, and I am still a Purple Giraffe. Truth be told, I want to go back to being an Orange Skyscraper. I think about it everyday. Life was so much easier and people respected me. They looked up to me, they listened when I said things. Some people even loved me. But then, I remember how afraid I was when the wind came, and how sad the Purple Giraffe was on the inside. I made a choice to not be an Orange Skyscraper ever again, even if I knew how to do it.

I am a Purple Giraffe. One that doesn't get looked up at, doesn't get complimented very much, and one that no-one thinks is impressive. But it's okay. I don't need to keep up with all the expensive construction of being an Orange Skyscraper, and I never have to worry about people being trapped inside during a fire again. Amazingly, my friends and family still love me. They didn't make fun of me. They didn't get angry. And they didn't go away.

Are you a Purple Giraffe who is trying so hard to be an Orange Skyscraper? Maybe it's the other way around, you are an Orange Skyscraper trying to be a Purple Giraffe.... Heck, maybe you are a Red Boat trying to be a Yellow Taxi-cab. I don't know. But I hope my story spoke to you a little bit.

Because this Purple Giraffe wants to meet you, just as you are.

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