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Bad Pablo's Fabric Shop

Hey guys, how are you doing? I am good, though my spirit isn’t exactly high. I feel like a piece of noodle floating in the middle of a lukewarm soup. There must be something in the air that’s causing numbness and lack of motivation. The weather is way too warm for the crisp autumn everyone is hoping for.

Last week, I perked myself up enough to go fabric shopping. For Halloween, I want to either be Wreck-it Ralph, crazy cat lady, or a black bear. What do they have in common you ask? Um, well they are all very non-sexual, unless you are one of those pervs. In that case, shame on you! I’m joking, you can do whatever you like, not judging. Just don't share the details with me thank you.

I decided to be black bear, because it is the most economical option.

Despite my lack of faith in possible interactions with a human and a general dislike for going downtown, I went to the fabric shop. I am very glad that I did, it turned out to be quite an interesting trip.

The sign for “King’s Textiles” was barely noticeable, I walked past it twice. When I walked up the staircase, I was greeted by a small brown dog with stand-up ears and his owner, a lady with long curly hair. “Bad Pablo!” She said. “Welcome to the store, hun”. Bad Pablo was the name of her dog. She explained that he was Bad Pablo because he kept walking out of the store. See? I knew I needed to come here.

Bad Pablo and the lady did an impressive job laying out the store. I was finding myself in a fabric forest. There was fabric in every colour and every texture, rolled into six foot tall rolls and laid tightly against each-other. Walking in there felt like you were walking a narrow path formed by fabric trees. Where was I going to find black sherpa? It didn’t matter. It was wonderland, and also clearly the land of INDECISION, and you just had to wander around until something pulled you in. After putting my hand on every piece, I found the fuzzy ones stacked at the very back of the store. Bear, I was looking for fabric for a bear hat. Right.

The faux furs were incredible. I have an insatiable amount of love for all things cozy and soft. I felt like my heart has come to the right place, and it can officially wrap itself in one of them and die there. Some of them looked like they were part of a luxurious wolf, some looked like they could be legit teddy bears. And there was this amazing PURPLE one. Should I even make black bear? Maybe I should buy that purple roll so I can be Grimace from the McDonald-land commercials! Or maybe that wolf one! If I can make a wolf hat I’ll gladly go as the grandma that got eaten.

In the end, with the help of a very nice lady, I got my black sherpa.

I hope these types of stores don’t disappear in Toronto. It’s just so much more fun than online shopping. How could you feel all the fabric if you weren’t there in person? And how would you meet Bad Pablo?

When I came out with my fabric, I promptly discovered that I forgot to get the polyester filling. I am almost happy, because I wouldn’t mind going there again!

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