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Thunderstorm In My Face

Hey guys! Man it is grotesquely hot out today. I wrote a little bit about having a cold last week. I hope you'll enjoy it.

I have a cold. When I dalk I sound like I have a ball in by bouth.

It feels like a thunderstorm is happening inside of my face.

There is a constant stream of water running down my nose, it’s like I’m crying tears from it. A drop just fell on the keyboard as I typed that. Don’t be disgusted, at least it was runny.

My head feels like a cluster of giant grey clouds.

Even my eyes are watering up, like Toronto Islands flooding in rainy season.

I took care of my boyfriend two days ago, because he had a cold.

Not only we couldn’t do anything fun, we couldn’t even properly sleep.

He kept coughing and making noise throughout the night. Damn it! But I couldn’t even get mad! Because he was sick. Arrgh! It’s not even his fault! I brought him lemon water, and soup, and sneeze papers. Now he is better.

It looks like i got my payback. My boyfriend is bringing me soup, lemon water and sneeze papers.

Baybe it’s not doo bad.

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