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Mille Crepe

The first time I had a mille crepe, I was a new English teacher who just got to Japan. I thought everything was amazing. The mille crepe from the grocery store was no exception. It tasted amazing, the texture was amazing, and even its name was amazing. Mille Crepe means “A million layers of crepe”! What do you got to worry about when you've got a million layers of crepe in your mouth?

Three years later, I found myself wholeheartedly disgusted by mille crepe. 1. Because all my problems were still there, plus new ones. And 2, because they sold it at every single cafe, every single bakery, in every single town, and they made it in exactly the same way, and I had gotten sick of it!

At the time, I was nowhere even close to the career I wanted, I had overstayed my welcome in a country where i somehow still didn't manage to learn the language, and I was in the relationship equivalent of an expired egg infested with salmonella. A million layers of crepe? More like a million layers of disappointment!

It's now been seven years since my Japan work/study stint. Exactly double the amount of time I stayed in the country. They say it takes double the time of the relationship to get over an ex. I think this is true. At least in the case of the mille crepe. When I saw a picture of a mille crepe at Daan Go Bakery's website last week, I found myself feeling excited to try it again. This time, it's Canadian and it's matcha flavoured!

If I were to be completely honest, it didn't quite live up to what I thought it would be. But.. I'm still happy that I don't hate mille crepe now.


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