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Batman is Just Rich

Hi guys! I wrote another thing! I hope you have fun reading it!


I like Batman but I think Batman is overrated.

I'm referring to the 2005 Christopher Nolan movie, Batman Begins.

I'm jealous of Batman for being a rich and handsome guy, so my opinion is biased. He's just a slightly decent guy, and he's only able to do those Batman things because he's rich.

Don't get me wrong, I think Batman did good things. But the movie made it seem as if he did great things. He abandoned his fortune and joined the criminals in the mountains for a while. He didn't dedicate his life to UNICEF and cure malaria. It's really more on the level of a Patagonia-wearing rich kid going off the mountains to “find himself”.

During a conversation, Batman said, “I never became one of them”. By "them", he meant the criminals he did his training with. It was implied that they stole and picked fights because that was who they were, and batman never stooped to those levels. We have to remember that Batman was poor because he chose to be poor, temporarily. The criminals were just poor, forever. Once Batman decides not to be poor anymore, he could go back to Gotham where his parents left him the estate. The criminals' got nowhere to go except that one place in the mountains where they have to line up to get soup. I'm not condoning stealing and being violent, but Batman patting himself on the back for not “becoming one of them”, is upsetting.

I also didn't think the Bat-mobile and the other stuff were impressive. Of course he could afford it! He's friends with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman and Katie Holmes because his family is rich. It's not that amazing.

Batman is not a hero. He's simply a rich person who isn't terrible. It's really sad his father and mother were murdered in an alley (which could've been avoided if they'd just came out the front exit). Everyone with that much money should be trying to do the right thing.

(When I'm rich though, I am gonna do whatever I want!)


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