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An Apology to the Mandalorian

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog! I am back! (for now) because I finally wrote something I want to share with you. It's about Star Wars. I'm not a Star Wars fan or anything, this was just written for fun. I hope you enjoy it!


Many months ago, I made fun of the Mandalorian for always wearing a mask. Don't these people have to eat lunch? I mean, they can't ALL be eating lunch in secret. Also, I just felt like always protecting your identity by wearing disguises like that was really pointless. If you hung out with people long enough, you'd be able to tell them apart based on body language and habitual gestures anyway.

I want to apologize. I'm so sorry, Mandolorians. Now that I have learned that wearing a mask can be important to protect the health of the collective. I understand that the tedium is needed. Maybe you had to wear one for the space-virus that no-one else seemed to be aware of. Maybe people around you were hopeless and wouldn't believe it was happening, or worse, violent. You guys had no choice but to form a clan.

Kylo Ren however, I don't feel as inclined to apologize to. Because I think his reason for wearing a mask was insensitive. He wasn't even trying to disguise himself. Everyone already knew what he looked like under there. Yes, I get that he wanted to honour his grandfather, but his grandfather had a real reason to wear a mask. He needed it to breathe. What the heck? That's like, me walking around with my great grandmother's cane when I can clearly walk on my own.

But, maybe the real reason was actually the space coronavirus, too... and he responsibly made all the storm troopers also wear masks?

You know what, in that case, I should also apologize to Kylo Ren. I'm sorry I made fun of your mask, Kylo Ren.

The more I think about it, the more the good guys feel like bad guys. They don't wear masks, they believe in seemingly made-up things like “The Force”, and they killed a whole bunch of storm-troopers without batting an eye.

The “dark side” guys might look weird but the story isn't told by them... and most of it doesn't make sense. I have to admit though, I probably don't pay enough attention during Star Wars to understand it.

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