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Hi guys, today I am going to make an article that is somber, because I’d like to pay respect to the person I am writing about.


During the Christmas holidays, I had the chance to talk to a lady called Marmie.

I think Marmie was very brave because she talked about her husband who passed away a few years ago. She also talked about her mother who passed away just last month.

I don’t have much experience with losing people due to their deaths. I have lost people before from break-ups, and that was hard. I can only imagine that it must be much, much, much, much, much, much, much worse to lose someone you loved because they died. I think that Marmie must have felt very very very sad.

When people are really sad, they don’t want to talk to anyone. Even if that person was an extroverted person. And I think it is okay to be alone for a while when you are grieving. But I also think, at the worst of times, it can be easy to say “I just want to be alone forever”.

Instead of being alone, Marmie made a point to not only come to a Christmas party, but also talk to me and my partner about her late mother.

She talked confidently, eloquently, and without hiding her emotions. The party was loud so I couldn’t catch all of her words. I could tell it was hard because she had tears in her eyes. I think she was also happy because it made her remember how much she cared about her mother, and how much her mom loved her.

I haven’t lost someone I love due to death yet, but I will. That is something nobody can escape from. I don’t know how sad I will feel, but I know I will be sad. When I am sad, I hide so that I don’t have to show my tears to anyone. I am so thankful that Marmie showed me hers. I thought she was so brave. If Marmie could gather up so much brave that she could fill an ocean, maybe I can gather just a little bit more drops, that I fill a pond.

Thank you Marmie. Life is short, and you make me want to gather up as much brave as I can.

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