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Hi guys, Halloween is fast approaching so I am going to talk about that!


The best Halloween I had was the first one I ever had in Canada. My best friend at the time had only just introduced me to Halloween. I was a witch, had a plastic witch hat from the dollar store, and a cloak made out of a black garbage bag. We went around a nice neighbourhood and got two whole pillowcases of candy.

The worst Halloween I had was the year I turned 14, and got introduced to the idea of a “sexy” costume. I decided to dress up as Buffy from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which she dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. She’d worn two pigtails and a cloak. For some reason, I was convinced that that was a sexy costume.

That year, I didn’t get candy at all. All of my friends had out-grown Halloween and I had no-one to go trick-or-treating with. I somehow conjured up this fantasy of being Buffy's version of Little Red Riding Hood and fighting off werewolves and vampires, saving potential cute boys from their grasp. So I walked around the cemetery in my neighbourhood at night. Holding out hope that that wish would somehow come true. I may have been 4 on the inside. No werewolves or vampires were found. Also no cute boys were found. Also I looked like this:

This Halloween, I was going to make a bear hat. But I am VERY close to giving up. The thought of cutting, sewing, and eyeballing it according to my approximate head size is giving me a massive headache. And having to keep all the tiny needles and bits away from my cat will be a nightmare. Surely, a Halloween costume cannot be worth that much effort. Unless it is one that you absolutely love with all your heart, a halloween costume really should be something you put together at the last minute with duck tape from parts lying around the apartment.

There is an obnoxious commercial on youtube right now, featuring a family walking out of a Value Village*, dressed up as various Game of Thrones characters and advertising for “Hallowinning”. (they probably filmed it before the finale went on air but you never know). Something about it really pisses me off. It’s a freakin’ Halloween costume, why does anyone care about “winning”? Is this a thing? Sadly I am realizing that Halloween costumes have become, in some ways always have been, yet another thing that people want to one up their friends for. Do I wanna do that? I don’t. But I do hate having to walk on the street and see other women dressed in skimpy lingerie and feeling like a sock puppet.

I am going to have fun though, I am determined to have fun. Even if it means I do end up feeling like a sock puppet. I can’t let the Hallowinners win.

*Thrift store in Canada, called Savers in the US.


Alright, that’s that guys. What are you doing for Halloween? Whether you celebrate it or not, I hope it’s a nice weekend. See you later!

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