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Hi internetter! Welcome to an update! I haven’t updated in a while, but now i am, and I think I’m gonna keep updating. But slow down because I do have a history of not updating, let’s just be cool and see how it goes this time around.

Yesterday was the Raptors game. I don’t know anything about sports, but I watched the game with my boyfriend, who watched the Raptors for 24 years. According to him, “the team has never gotten this far, and if they win this one, they will win the whole NBA and it will change the city”. I think that means it’s important.

I like Kyle Lowry, partly because he looks like a raptor. He looks heavier, wider, and has shorter legs and arms in comparison to everyone else. I enjoy that, because it’s fun, and when you don’t know anything else you take comfort in the fact that the mascot is mirrored in the player. More importantly, I like Kyle Lowry because he seems to care about things that are not just the game. When a member of his opposing team (I forgot his name) was injured, some people in the audience started cheering. Kyle Lowry escorted the guy off the court, and also waved his raptor arms rapidly in the air, as if to say, “Cut it out! It’s not cool to cheer when someone got injured!”

Maybe it’s because I am a novice to sports, but I just enjoy looking at the people way more than the numbers going up.

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