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This week, I was watching Venture Brothers, a show my boyfriend introduced me to. It is not really my type of show, but I love how it features so many different unconventional body types. There is a huge, stocky blonde guy named Brock, the main character is a bald bean pole type person in a track suit, and one of the villain’s henchmen has a pouch. There is some real body diversity there, totally opposite of the superhero-man six-pack physiques. But it jumped out to me, that the females, both main and minor, have the same waspy hour-glassy shape!

I was quickly corrected. They started out that way, but more diverse ones have actually been added throughout the seasons. I also just found out the show had been running for fifteen years! Wow, it makes more sense now. Throughout history, shows written by men had always featured pretty girls in unrealistic attire. I think it’s impressive that even though Venture Brothers started out with hour-glassy girls, they went on to include more. I’ve always thought that, if men on TV can have “average” or unconventional looking bodies, then why can’t the women share these traits, too?

Anyways, that made me inspired to make my own super hero squad of un-typical female super heroes. I haven’t given them names yet. They may or may not be good at their superpower, just like how they may or may not fit into any beauty standards.

I hope you have a good week folks, see you next time!

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